The EDP says…Scandalous police story had to be made public

The EDP states … Outrageous cops story needed to be revealed

As we report today, not all of the proof was not handed down to the CPS and the General Medical Council in 2003. They could have stopped O’Neill. Rather he was silently dismissed as the force’s doctor and allowed to continue as a family GP.
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mystery package Having actually reached a dead-end, UKAD have sent their proof to the General Medical Council. However, in its declaration, UKAD explained that the relationship in between British Biking and Team Sky and both celebrations do not have of medical records was a serious issue.
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O’Neill carried on as a family physician after Norfolk police failed to release evidence to the General Medical Council (GMC). – Proof was found of “officers being told to keep peaceful” and threatened with legal action if they talked about the allegations.

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