Post-Adoption Contact: All Change or More of the Same?

Post-Adoption Contact: All Change or More of the Same?The Children and Families

Act 2014, which got Royal Assent on 13th March 2014, stands for a symbolic change of catalyst from Parliament within the arena of family law. Prior to April 2014 an order for a kid plan, previously called a contact … See Initial Post Family Law Phenomenal service from our specialist Family Group who advise clients on all aspects of family law. With expert solicitors in England and Scotland, and international links through the exclusive World Service Group, we are particularly well put to … See Original Article Variety of new personal law cases received by Cafcass continues to fall In October 2014, Cafcass received a total amount of 3,419 new personal

law cases. This is a 13 % decrease on October 2013 levels. Since April 2014 Cafcass has gotten a total of 19,659 brand-new cases, standing for a fall of 34 % compared with figures for the … See Initial Short article

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