More UK doctors coming from Europe

More UK doctors originating from Europe

More medical professionals are coming from Europe to work in the UK than ever, according to a report by the General Medical Council. The largest source of overseas-trained doctors had formerly been south Asia, but recently there has been a sharp rise in doctors from …
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Scandal of doctors who get money from health care firms for client referrals

An investigation in the British Medical Journal asserts that the medical professionals’ regulatory authority, the General Medical Council (GMC), failed to act upon a warning in 2012 that the practice of providing incentives was “extensive, specifically in London, and considerable …
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Particulars of medical professionals’ registration status on the GMC website

I got in touch with the General Medical Council when writing “Google, medical professionals, and the ‘best to be forgotten'” since I wished to clarify exactly what it states on its website when a physician is cautioned or returned to the register after suspension.1
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