Junior doctors 'regularly sleep deprived', research suggests

Junior medical professionals '' frequently sleep deprived ', research suggests

Research by the General Medical Council (GMC) discovered that 21% of junior physicians in Scotland were affected in this method by their working hours. Nearly a quarter (24%) of junior physicians said their working patters left them feeling short of sleep on a regular monthly …
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proposed Army cuts to fears over junior

medical professionals being left in charge of A&E, it is a mixed bag of news making the front pages on Monday.The Guardian leads on claims by the General Medical Council that health center clients are being jeopardized since … See Original Article New information emerge about testosterone patches sent out to Team Sky

and British Cycling Since closing its investigation into the contents of the so-called jiffy

bag, UKAD has handed down some evidence”of interest”to the General Medical Council, who might examine the apparent failure to keep correct medical records. See Original Article Paper headlines: Russia flu jab ' lies ' and kid drug mules The paper states a study

by the General Medical Council discovered that 'student medical professionals were looking after

clients whose conditions they were not certified to deal with. Somewhere else, the Daily Mail accuses some ambulance chiefs in England of cutting costs by sending … See Original Short Article

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