General Election 2015: What single thing would most improve people’s lives over the next five years?

General Election 2015: Exactly what single thing would most enhance people’s lives over the next 5 years?As the most fiercely contested basic election in a years approaches … The well-being state annually costs ₤ 110 billion, with billions more paid in council tax supplements; further billions in working and youngster tax credits. Picture if all tax-free … See Initial Short article George Osborne ' s psychiatrist sibling suspended over client affair claims in GMC probe He might be struck off by the General Medical Council if the claims are supported. A GMC representative stated the interim suspension was not an indication of sense of guilt. In 2010, Dr Osborne was suspended for prescribing drugs to a prostitute who declared to be his lover.See Original Short article Feds promote synthetic grass as safe despite health concerns “There is

significant growth in all sectors of the industry,”the council says … In California, after health supporters determined high lead levels in artificial turf at schools and public locations in 2008, the state attorney general of the united states sued producers … See Initial Article

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