Elderly patients are more likely to die if their doctor is over 60 because their knowledge is likely to be 'outdated'

Elderly patients are more likely to pass away if their doctor is over 60 because their knowledge is likely to be ''

outdated ' The most recent information from the General Medical Council shows doctors over 50 are much more likely to be grumbled about. Some 19 per cent of male professional doctors over 50 have a grievance lodged versus them compared with simply 12 percent of those under 50.
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results Dr Sunil Simon was described the General Medical Council (GMC) by the coroner following an inquest into Charlotte’s death last summer season. The misbehavior hearing is set to go on 2 June in Manchester, where the GMC will think about offering Dr Simon a caution.
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The locum doctor is no longer working for the NHS, and has been referred to the General Medical Council (GMC), which has placed conditions on their registration. The GMC served an interim suspension order earlier this year and is examining the …
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for Lancaster Medical School degree The General Medical Council has approved degree-awarding powers to Lancaster Medical School. The Lancaster MBChB programme has up until now been run in conjunction with the University of Liverpool today has full, independent GMC accreditation following an …
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He has not worked since a pharmacist raised suspicions and he made an instant confession, but his legal representative told Teesside Crown Court that the General Medical Council (GMC) may enable him to stay in the occupation. Judge Howard Crowson stated that he had …
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