DU receives $20 million gift from Law family for arts technology center

sentences for knife crimes And while his family are still reeling from the death,

stepdad Samir Ghailan is determined the tragedy will prompt changes in the law and conserve lives. His calls for action begun a weekend that saw a stabbing in Gillingham, when a guy was assaulted … See Original Article Harvey Weinstein’s previous assistant states lawyers threatened to’destroy meand my family’A previous assistant for Harvey Weinstein broke her non-disclosure contract to open up about the manufacturer’s sexual harassment. Zelda Perkins told the Financial Times that she worked as an assistant for Weinstein in Miramax’s London workplace in the mid … See Original Article Absence of safe accommodation–‘blood on our hands’? Sadly, many family law professionals will have been involved in cases where

an application has been produced a protected lodging order but at the initial

hearing of that application no appropriate safe and secure lodging unit has been identified. See Original Article

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