Bruce McLean interviews himself as he launches his autobiography

Bruce McLean interviews himself as he launches his autobiography

At a party today at Tate Modern to commemorate his rollicking and often hilarious autobiographical tome A Lawnmower in the Loft, the unique Scottish … “Why do you live in [the South London district] Barnes, the most boring part of the world?”
See Original Post Illegal trader attempted to offer rhino horns, elephant tusks and hippo teeth on Instagram But Scotland Yard sniffer dogs specifically trained to spot rhino horns revealed the stash in his loft when his Watford home was raided … “We are devoted to ensuring that anyone in London who is trading unlawfully in threatened animal parts is stopped.”
See Original Short Article London Success– Guestline celebrates expansion Housed in a former fabric factory, the 80-room New Roadway Hotel will use a variety of space alternatives including storage facility and loft accommodation … New Road Hotel The new Guestline London office houses Guestline Labs, an interesting centre of excellence for …
See Original Short Article EVALUATION: The Vortex at The Loft, leamington The set and design at The Loft is area on– art deco furnishings and pleased 1920s … and Clara Hibbert (Gemma Mann) spend time Florence’s London apartment, discussing the action and filling the audience in on the background story.
See Original Article Two women leave Wimbledon Chase home fire 4 fire truck and 21 firemens were called to the blaze where half of the loft space and roofing system was harmed by the fire. The brigade was called at 7.50 pm and the fire was under control at 10.47 pm with the 2 women managing to leave the home …
See Original” Article Checa Romero Architects” makes the most”of small brick home by extending in every direction

A large opening included into the new wall of the loft extension offers a view of the garden and the City of London beyond from the master bedroom. The view of the city horizon can also be taken pleasure in from the roofing system of the three-metre-tall extension.

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